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May the music speak for itself. But here's a bit of background...

The title track, First Step In A Long Journey, features guest pianist Lincoln Mayorga, in a theme and variations for piano & chamber orchestra.

Nightingale (Cántame)   --words & music by Mark Massey and Brad Powell, features Paul Seaforth on lead vocals, and Allison Zuehlsdorff singing the Spanish background lyrics.

Do You Feel What I Feel?   --another Massey & Powell song, featured a vocal duet by Paul and Allison, and an instrumental interlude of Melissa Hasin on cello and Jim Sitterly on violin. Lincoln Mayorga guests on piano.

Tony Bowman brings his soulful lead vocals to Sidewalk Sunday, a nice 'n' easy love song for a lazy weekend. Paul provides a flugelhorn solo.

Meribeth's Paradise is a musical portrait of Brad's friend, (the late) Grand Canyon naturalist Dr. Meribeth Riffey. Brad met Meribeth on a 1989 rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. The piece begins a Lincoln Mayorga piano solo, then builds Jim Hughart on acoustic bass, Chad Wackerman on drums, and Brad on guitar, with a recorder & english horn duet by David Hill. Paul Seaforth sings lead vocals.

Chasing A City Dream tells of the conflicts of urban life, with lead vocals by Allison Z., a trumpet intro by Wayne Bergeron, and a Ramsey Lewis-esque piano solo by Mark Massey.

Guest alto saxman Brandon Fields take the spotlight on the funky Robbie Bop. Brad composed this musical tale, inspired by a friend who quit his day job to make music his living. Vocals by Tony Bowman and Kurt Rasmussen, with Dave Siebels sittin' in on Hammond B-3 organ.

Brad composed Passalaqua Suite in 1981 for his mentor, (the late) jazz guitarist Joe Pass. Joe had agreed to play Passalaqua Suite on this album, however, with his untimely death in 1994, this was never recorded. Brad decided to include the piece, playing the guitar part himself, as his tribute to Joe. It is prefaced by Lessons With Joe, a collage of conversation and blues recorded at Brad's guitar lessons with Joe. Visit Brad's Joe Pass Web Page at

The album concludes with the 3rd Massey & Powell song in the set: Give Them Love, inspired by the birth of Brad's niece, Courtney. The Geofonica Gospel Choir (Josef Powell, Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, Oren Waters, and Terry Wood) bring a spirit-filled touch, supporting lead vocals by Paul, Allison, Tony and Kurt. A soulful alto sax solo by David Hill.

The Brad Powell Expedition : First Step In A Long Journey
Track Titles

 1. First Step In A Long Journey
 2. Nightingale (Cántame)
 3. Do You Feel What I Feel?
 4. Sidewalk Sunday
 5. Meribeth's Paradise
 6. Chasing A City Dream
 7. Robbie Bop
 8. Lessons With Joe
     Passalaqua Suite (for Joe Pass)
 9.      Passalaqua
10.     SOS Blues
11.     Donte's Dream
12.     Culmination (The Summit)
13. Give Them Love
All music & lyrics by Brad Powell © 1998 by Geofonica Artistworks (ASCAP), except:
Nightingale (Cántame), Do You Feel What I Feel?, and Give Them Love
words & music by Mark Massey and Brad Powell © 1998 by Masterful Music and
Geofonica Artistworks (ASCAP).    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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