Album Credits       

  • Tony Bowman
  • Kurt Rasmussen
  • Paul Seaforth
  • Allison Zuehlsdorff

    Rhythm Section

  • Jim Hughart (acoustic bass)
  • Mark Massey (piano and keyboards)
  • Lincoln Mayorga (piano)
  • Brad Powell (classical, acoustic & electric guitars)
  • Kurt Rasmussen (percussion)
    [including agogo, bongos, cabasa, chimes, congas, cowbells, bell tree, djembe,
    finger cymbals, gongs, guiro, hand claps, pandeiro, rainstick, sandblocks, shakers, shekeres,
    tamborim, tambourine, timpani, triangles, Udu drums, and woodblocks.
    Kurt Rasmussen uses L. P., Remo, Paiste, and Regal Tip.]

  • David Siebels (Hammond B-3 organ)
  • Chad Wackerman (drums)
  • Jerry Watts (electric bass)


  • Brandon Fields (alto sax solo on Robbie Bop)
  • David Hill (woodwinds)
    [including flute, piccolo, alto & bass flutes, oboe & english horn,
    clarinet & bass clarinet, recorder, alto, tenor & baritone saxes.]

  • Lorraine Jenkins (flute on Chasing A City Dream)


  • Wayne Bergeron (trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet)
  • Paul Seaforth (trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet)
  • Andy Martin (trombone)
  • Charlie Morillas (trombone)
  • Stephanie Mijanovich (horn)
  • Stephanie J. Smith (horn)
  • Douglas Tornquist (tuba on First Step In A Long Journey)

    Strings on First Step In A Long Journey and Passalaqua Suite

  • Terry Glenny (violin)
  • David Stenske (violin-concertmaster)
  • Lynn Stenske (violin)
  • Helen Crosby (viola)
  • Karie Prescott (viola)
  • James "Jimbo" Ross (viola)
  • Ernest Ehrhardt (cello)
  • Nancy "Nika" Stein-Ross (cello)

    String Duet on Do You Feel What I Feel?

  • Melissa Hasin (cello)
  • Jim Sitterly (violin)

    Geofonica Gospel Choir The Geofonica Gospel Choir
    on Give Them Love

  • Josef Powell
  • Julia Waters
  • Maxine Waters
  • Oren Waters
  • Terry Wood
  • Produced and Arranged by Brad Powell

    Engineered and Mixed by Wayne Cook

    Additional Recording by Randy Farrar, Ian Keene,
    Bernie Kirsh (Frank LaRosa, 2nd Engineer),
    Joe Tortorici (Eric Cowden, 2nd Engineer), and Brad Powell.

    Mastered by Michèle Stone at Masterworks Digital Audio, Ltd.

    Production Assistant: Robin Babou (and hand claps on Robbie Bop)

    Music Preparation by Robert Bockholt

    Cover Illustration by Joel Nakamura

    Design by Bonnie Butler, Bright Ideas AG

    Brad with Joel Nakamura Brad with artist Joel Nakamura, who created the cover illustration for First Step In A Long Journey. Photo taken at 1998 Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts, at which Joel was the featured artist. Joel has created illustrations for Rolling Stone Magazine, Los Angeles Times Calendar Magazine, Business Week, as well as album covers for Antonio Carlos Jobim, Dori Caymmi, Don Grusin, Shadowfax, Naomi Judd, and other artists. Communication Arts magazine selected Joel's First Step In A Long Journey cover for their July 1998 Illustration Annual.
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